Go Kart Party Solent | Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can there be at the party?
We can cater for any number of children however we recommend a minimum of 10 children in order for everyone to get the most out of the experience. We will be happy to discuss numbers when you get in touch.

How long does the party last?
This depends on the number of children attending. For up to 16 children, we would suggest an hour and for a larger number it would be approximately an hour and a half. These timings do not include party food/cake celebrations.

What is the maximum age?
We normally cater for children aged 4-10 however size, not age, is the deciding factor. Please discuss this with us when you get in touch.

How much space do you need?
We have four electric go-karts and an inflatable track with a spectacular Grand Prix arch. The circuit measures 11 x 15 metres (approx 33 x 45 feet). We would also need some extra space around the track. If you are worried that you might not have enough space, we may be able to make a site visit in advance.

Do I have to book a venue?
No, we can do this for you dependent on availability. If you already have a venue in mind, please let us know when you get in touch.

Do you provide food?
No, but many of the venues we operate from provide catering facilities or you can bring in your own food. You will need to discuss this with the venue provider or we can do this for you, on your behalf. Please note food and drink are not allowed during a go-kart party.

What about party invitations?
We can send you our party template for you to use in advance of your child's special day. Complimentary certificates are given to each child and you can also ask for medals. These are £2 each. Please go to our Special Touches page for a detailed list of what we offer.

How do you keep the other children entertained while they are waiting their turn?
Our go-kart parties are designed to entertain every child whether they are in the go-kart or not. The children are divided into teams, they cheer on their team mates, they have to pay attention to who drives the best and they need to keep an eye on which team is winning. There is never a dull moment for any child!

How safe is a Go-Kart Party?
We have been fully trained by Go Kart Party UK and safety is of paramount importance. We will instruct the children at the party on safety and the speed of the karts can be matched to the ability of the child. The karts can be set between 1mph and 6 mph, they are fitted with safety harnesses, regenerative brakes, wrap around bumpers and a sturdy padded roll cage.

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